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Sizing and Selection Work Sheet

Kay Industries is committed to your complete satisfaction. The following questions are essential to ensuring that you get the right phase converter for your application. Simply complete this form and submit it to us online, or print it out and fax your answers to 510-657-7283. We will contact you with our recommendation within one business day.

If you know which model you want, you can consult our Sizing Tables or email us for more information

Application Data Required Typical Format The answer is:
What is size of the Single-Phase Service?
100A, 200A, 400A
What input voltage is available?
208, 230, 460V
What is the operating voltage of the load equipment?
208, 230, 460V

What type of load(s) will be operated on the converter? Give manufacturer if known. Indicate if load has a variable speed drive or computer controls.

Lathe, elevator, battery charger, compressor, etc.
What is the rating of the load? List all ratings if multiple loads.
Motor HP, KW,
Full load amps

What is the largest horsepower to be started?

HP or KW
Not the starting
In-rush current

What is the total HP or KW rating of all loads that will operate simultaneously?

1-10 HP
2-5 HP
3 KW heater

What is the load operating duty? Does it cycle on and off like an air conditioner or compressor?


Installation location

Indoor, out, desert,

First Name*
Last Name*
City, State, Zip

*Required Fields

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