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Use our knowledge and experience to choose
The Right Converter for Your Application

A single to three phase converter is the most economical alternative to utility 3-phase. A successful phase converter installation requires knowledge about how each application creates a different type of load, and how these different loads impact 3-phase converter performance. In our 40+ years of experience, Kay Industries has replaced many other brands of failed phase converters. We have learned that most phase converter problems occur because the manufacturer did not fully understand the application and thus failed to offer a 3-phase converter with adequate capacity. This is a far more common problem than a defective phase converter.

Kay Industries takes a cautious approach to every client need. We have studied most applications requirements extensively and from that have engineered the most complete line of high performance static and rotary 3-phase converters available anywhere. A Phasemaster® rotary phase converter is guaranteed to operate your load without compromising machine performance.

The application guide lists the most common applications of the Phasemaster rotary phase converter and the recommended type of phase converter for each. But even if not listed here, any machine can be operated on a properly selected Phasemaster rotary phase converter. Find your application in the guide or in the sidebar above, and click on the link more detailed explanation and critical considerations for selecting a phase converter for that type of machine. We have also listed some of the manufacturers on whose equipment we have been tested and/or approved.

After consulting your particular application, learn how to Select a phase converter or contact Kay Industries for assistance on your particular machine. In many cases we can both select the proper size and refer you to a customer who is applying a phase converter on an identical brand of equipment.

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