Phasemaster® Type MA-R

The best engineered, most reliable Rotary Phase Converter you can buy.

The PHASEMASTER Type MA-R rotary phase converter is a highly reliable source of 3-phase power from any 1-phase supply.

It features a side-mounted control panel which contains the input-output terminals, disconnect switch and fuses to protect the converter. The converter can be connected to any existing 1-phase service It is as simple as “2 wires in and 3 wires out” installation that will save considerable field labor.

The PHASEMASTER Type MA-R rotary phase converter can be installed most anywhere and does not have to be bolted down. Occasional lubrication and overall inspection are the only maintenance procedures required.

Use our sizing charts to determine which Type MA-R phase converter is right for your application. Remember, however, that the most important factor in proper sizing is the application for which your motor is used. Look at our application guide to find out which model is best for your application, take a look at the product literature, or contact us for assistance.


Product Literature
PDF icon MA-R Data Sheet.pdf
Cut Sheets & Dimensions
PDF icon MA-R Cut Sheet.pdf
Installation and Operation Instructions
PDF icon MA Installation and Operation Instructions.pdf
Connection Diagrams
PDF icon MA-R Connection Diagram.pdf