Phasemaster® Type MA-A

The PHASEMASTER Type MA-A rotary phase converter is a highly reliable source of 3-phase power for all types of unattended cyclical applications such as air conditioners, compressors, elevators, etc. or where the operator desires to control the converter from a remote location.

The TYPE MA-A converter is identical in operation and performance to a manually switched unit except that it is remotely controllable. It is designed to be turned on and off from a remote pilot control as required by the load, thus saving energy when the load is not operating. The control panel is housed in a side-mounted box. In this configuration the converter is equipped with magnetic controls that enable it to be started on demand from the pump controller, timer, float switch or other pilot device. The converter is interconnected by control wiring with the load controller. When the load is called for by the control device, it starts the converter immediately and simultaneously initiates a timing relay. This relay provides a short (2-5 second) time delay that enables the converter to start without load. The timer then closes an output contact that starts the load equipment. When the cycle is complete, the control device opens and turns off the converter and the load equipment. This is the most economical way to operate a phase converter on an unattended or cyclical load.

Type MA-A converters can also be designed to be interlocked with the load from a remote mounted pushbutton at the operator’s station (type –AW). The type –AW contains the same starting controls as the type MA-A except it does not include a timing relay. The added “W” suffix means the converter is manually started from a hard-wired remote pilot control such as a start-stop pushbutton station.




Product Literature
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Installation and Operation Instructions
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