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Stone & tile cutting and grinding equipment is a very common application of the Phasemaster® rotary 3-phase converter. Kay Industries has extensive experience on a wide range of equipment from the simplest machines up through some of the most sophisticated CNC machinery. The Phasemaster rotary 3-phase converter can supply 3-phase power to a one-machine operation or to an entire shop. The Phasemaster rotary phase converter can also supply true 3-phase power to any and all the conventional tools found in a typical shop.

Kay Industry's approach to applying phase converters on this equipment is based on careful application and sizing. In our 40 years of experience manufacturing phase converters, we have amassed a tremendous amount of application and performance data on machinery from the biggest names in the industry.

Critical Selection and Application Criteria:

Many machines require a voltage regulator to keep the converter output voltage balanced over the entire load range. Supply complete details of machine electrical characteristics to factory for sizing.