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Phasemaster rotary 3-phase converters are widely used in all types of pump applications. Among the most common are in duplex lift stations, submersible pumps, decorative fountains, municipal water systems, pivot irrigation, and virtually any other motor driven pumping equipment.

Many pump applications are unattended. That means they cycle on and off at various intervals according to the demands of the pump controller. The control may operate from a float or pressure switch, timer or some other pilot device. Phase converters for these types of unattended installations should be specified to include automatic controls so that the converter can be shut down when the pump is not running.

3-Phase Converters must be sized according to the largest pump motor to be started. Submersible motors require a larger phase converter than conventional induction motors of the same horsepower.

Kay Industries offers both open drip-proof and totally enclosed rotary 3-phase converter construction for pump applications.

Critical Selection and Application Criteria:

• Be sure to have adequate single-phase service. You must have at least 100 amps of single-phase service for each 20 HP of connected 3-phase load at 230 volts. Verify with your utility company.

• Specify pump operating voltage. 460 V, 3-phase output requires a step-up transformer if input is 230V, 1-phase

Outdoor installation in unprotected areas may require weatherproof enclosure