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These applications are among the most common and easily handled by the Phasemaster® rotary converter. A single converter can supply 3-phase power to both laundry and dry cleaning equipment in the same facility. Unlike other converter brands, the Phasemaster rotary converter can operate both electric and steam heated dry cleaning machines without rewiring the heaters.

Kay Industries has extensive test, application and selection data on virtually every major equipment manufacturer. Milnda, Unimac, Wascomat, IPSO, Speed Queen, Washex, Realstar, Union, Artic Chill, just to name a few. Please contact us to see if your brand is supported.

Product features:

  • High efficiency design. Our patented construction minimizes noise and vibration which keeps losses to less than 5% of total system load.

  • Flexible operation. The Phasemaster converter is specially optimized to handle the wide range of electrical loads typical of dry cleaning machines that have small solvent pumps as well as large compressor motors.

Critical Selection and Application Criteria:

  • Be sure to have adequate single-phase service. You must have at least 100 amps of single phase service for each 20 HP of connected 3-phase load at 230 volts. Verify with your utility company

  • Must specify if dry cleaning machines have refrigeration or electric heat

Washer extractors with variable speed drives may require special converter sizing