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Recommended Converter: 

HVAC and general refrigeration applications can be easily handled by a phase converter. This application category includes: air conditioners, heat pumps, chillers, freezers, walk-in coolers, ice makers, ice cream machines, and any other equipment that uses 3-phase hermetic refrigeration compressors.

Phase converters are able to operate any of these load types as effectively as any utility 3-phase line. The typical HVAC application uses an automatically controlled rotary phase converter, Type MA-A. The converter is switched on by the thermostat and runs only when the air conditioner is on. Soft ice cream machines may be operated on a manually operated converter because the beater motors generally remain on at all times even with the compressor off. Converters for rooftop A/C units may be mounted adjacent to A/C in an outdoor enclosure.

Refer to Kay Industries for specific sizing and selection recommendations.

Critical Selection and Application Criteria:

  •  Be sure to have adequate single-phase service. You must have at least 100 amps of single phase service for each 20 HP of connected 3-phase load at 230 volts. Verify with your utility company

Outdoor installation in unprotected areas may require weatherproof enclosure.