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The Phasemaster® converter is usually the most cost effective alternative to utility three-phase when siting transmitters in remote areas. It enables station owners to locate transmitters in the most advantageous sites regardless of whether utility 3-phase is available. Over 1000 AM and FM radio, and television stations worldwide are operating successfully on Phasemaster converters.

A transmitter operating on a Phasemaster converter will produce its full rated output without distortion, harmonics, excess noise, or impact on your utility bill. Kay Industries maintains extensive compatibility, application and test data on most makes of broadcast transmitters and can recommend the proper unit for your application. Phasemaster converters are approved and recommended by broadcast engineering consultants and utility companies as well as all major transmitter manufacturers. Harris, Continental Electronics, Broadcast Electronics, Axcera, Thales, Nautei, Armstrong Transmitters, Acrodyne, and many more. To see if your transmitter has been approved, contact us today.

Performance features:

  • High efficiency design - patented construction minimizes noise and vibration and keeps losses to less than 5% of total system load

  • The output is regulated to keep AM noise to a minimum. Reduced outages from line noise

  • The converter's stored energy buffers the line and rides through short-term line disturbances

Critical Selection and Application Criteria:

  • Transmitter type, AM, FM or TV

  • Manufacturer's model number and KW power rating

  • Type and size of incoming utility service (amperage)

  • Transmitter input power consumption in KW at full load or 100% modulation

  • Other 3-phase loads associated with this application, AC, tower lighting, etc.