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Power supplies, battery chargers and rectifiers are a very common application of the Phasemaster® rotary 3-phase converter. Kay Industries has extensive experience on a wide range of all types of power supplies. The Phasemaster rotary phase converter can supply true 3-phase power to chargers and power supplies as well as any and all the conventional tools found in a typical shop.

Kay Industry's approach to applying phase converters on this equipment is based on careful application and sizing. In our 40 years of experience manufacturing phase converters, we have amassed a tremendous amount of application and performance data on machinery from the biggest names in the welding industry.


The single most common application of converters for battery chargers is for material handling equipment such as tow motors or fork lifts. The vast majority of these chargers call for a 30A, 208V, 3-phase circuit. The 7.5HP Phasemaster converter Model MA-1B accommodates this requirement quite well.

For other ratings, it is important to know the operating voltage and the actual power requirement of the charger.