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Kay Industries, Inc. has over 45 years of experience manufacturing phase converters for agricultural equipment. Phasemaster rotary three phase converters are successfully powering applications consisting of multiple large motors as found on grain drying fans and augers, pumps, and related equipment.

Phasemaster rotary three phase converters are widely used on and approved by some of the leading brands of agricultural equipment. Zimmerman, Mathews Company, Delux, Farm Fans, Super B, Kansun, & GSI are just a few of the leading brands that our units support.


Critical Selection and Application Criteria:

  • Dryer fans can be very large. Be sure to have adequate single-phase service. You must have at least 100 amps of single phase service for each 20 HP of connected 3-phase load at 230 volts. Verify with your utility company.
  • Large fans usually consume the entire capacity of the converter leaving very little capacity for additional loads.

Outdoor installation in unprotected areas may require weatherproof enclosure.