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Rotary Phase Converters by Phasemaster

Kay Industries
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® Rotary 3-Phase Converters

The most cost-effective way to operate any 3-phase machine from a 1-phase supply when utility 3-phase is unavailable or too expensive to obtain.

Why choose a Phasemaster Rotary Phase Converter? Because Kay Industries offers application experience, technical support, and engineered quality unmatched in the industry.

Over 5 million HP of connected motor load in service
More than 1,000 radio and television stations operating Phasemaster rotary phase converters
The undisputed choice of discriminating equipment owners, consultants, utilities, electrical contractors, and original equipment manufacturers of all types of 3-phase machinery
Manufacturing the best-engineered single to three-phase converters since 1960

Put Kay Industries to work for you. We'll give you more than a phase converter. We'll be your consultants on important application issues such as

  • Sizing your service
  • Setting up the proper controls
  • Establishing wire sizes
  • Working with electricians, installers, and equipment suppliers
  • Coordinating with utility companies
  • Operating multiple loads
  • Anticipating future power needs
  • Safety code compliance

If you need 3-phase power, protect your equipment investment. Don't compromise performance by settling for anything less than the reliable 3-phase power output of the Phasemaster rotary 3-phase converter from Kay Industries.

Kay Industries is a proud affiliate of these fine industry organizations:

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